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Aluminum spiral stairs, stairs, custom stairs, steel stairs, steel spiral stairs,  Seattle, Portland, Vancouver,  Idaho, Washington State, Oregon, California




Spiral Stairs

Custom built in aluminum or steel 

50 37th st NE  suite F

Auburn, Wa.  98002


253 217 3801


Each stair is custom built.  

Platforms can be custom sized. 

Rotation can be adjusted.

Multiple platforms possible.

Built of aluminum or steel.

Welded into a single piece.

Can be sleeved if site requires.

Treads diamond plate or set up for tread caps by others.

All are powder coated, color choice by customer.

Built to meet local codes. 

Customer responsible for approval from local building dept.

Delivered to site.  Simply stand up and bolt into place.

Cost for typical rise of 120 inches, 5' diameter, balusters to code.

Include platform and railing.

Aluminum  $5,200

Steel  $4,500

Deco railings add $1,000

Prices will vary as to rise, diameter and custom features.

Inspection of our shop is encouraged.

No packaging to dispose of.

No scratches.

Free shipping(Seattle area within reason).


We build the stair with internal sleeves allowing for the stair to ship and install in sections.

Sections bolt to each other.  2 bolts per section.

Stair sections contain 3-4 treads, balusters and handrail welded into one piece.

Platform typically one section.  Railings included.

Makes for a far superior stair over the typical kit.   Solves installation access problems.

Each section is powder coated.

Pricing varies.


Photo above.

6' diameter smooth tread.

Left photo. 

 2 story with center post extension to ground.

Shows rest platform at 12'.

Shipped in three pieces.

Stack with sleeves.


Deco rail

Round rod, stainless steel

Shows cutout treads allowing for wood caps.

Deco style rail 1" tubing with stringer cap.


Cutout tread allowing for wood to be seen from below.

Model of stainless stair with inverted pan tread for wood insert.


Deco rails, built to accept wood inserts. 

Installation by customer.

Rope used to guide as the stair is tipped into place then tied off on handrail.

One person on the deck and three to tilt on ground.

Once in place only need 9 bolts to finish.

From time delivery to install completion 1 hour 20 minutes.

No professional contractors involved.

Installation by customer.

Lip under the platform allows for bolting to deck.

Handrails extend allowing for the bolting to existing handrails on the deck. 

The platform was extended for clearance of concrete.


Photos left

Underside of tread, shows finish over baluster ends and curved capped tread ends.

Shows weld at post of treads.  Diamond plate surface. 

Photo below

 In ground mount.  Allows for finish later with concrete or stone.  No exposed bolts.



Roller cart for delivery of stairs. 

No scratches, no packaging to dispose of..

Photo below

Fire escape replacement.

Over sized platform.

Sleeved stair cylinder into platform.

Man lift was used as platform was over sized  and unstable until stair was sleeved into place.

Straight stairs

Built to specs and site.  Platforms and platforms built to spec.